Fidenti Personal GmbH

Experience meets future

Fidenti Personal was founded in 2015. The three partners of the owner-managed company look back on extensive experience and trusting cooperation in personnel supply for companies in the Lower Saxony / Bremen region. With Fidenti Personal GmbH, they have created a new platform to offer clients the best possible service with their understanding of a reliable partnership and their network.

Your advantages

Our aim is your satisfaction!

With the use of personnel services, you can flexibly act on any personnel requirements in your company, cover peak workloads on short notice and eliminate spontaneous shortages.

With the cooperation of Fidenti Personal, you can always keep your costs in check. You only pay the actual working hours of the supply staff and minimise the employment risks. Other costs for the selection, recruitment and supervision as well as payrolls do not arise.

Fidenti business philosophy

The business philosophy of Fidenti Personal is shaped by the company name: „Fidenti“. Fidenti stands for confident - trusting cooperation.

As a matter of course, we handle our clients and our employees with respect and on equal terms, “Our aim is your satisfaction”, this applies not only to our clients but also to our employees. Because only together we are strong.

Your contact person at Fidenti

Marco Kattau - Geschäftsführer
Phone: 0441 - 35 06 75 33

Matthias Bokop - HR Manager
Phone: 0441 - 35 06 75 34


Initiativ bewerben - auch wenn der passende Job gerade nicht aufgelistet wird.

Jetzt bewerben

Your plus as our motivated employee

  • Fidenti overtime bonus 35%

    Instead of the standard 25%, we pay our employees a 35% bonus for every hour of overtime.

  • Fidenti 40h payment above the standard rate

    Instead of the established tariff 35 hours / week, we pay our employees for the 40 hours / week they have effectively worked.

  • Wage payments on the 10th of the month

    Instead of the standard wage payment on the 15th of the month, we pay our employees their wage already on the 10th of the month.

  • Fidenti incentive bonus

    Depending on customer use, Fidenti Personal pays its employees an order-related incentive bonus.

Your advantages as a Fidenti client

  • Recruiting tailored to your requirements
  • Short individual and precise consultation with you by technically qualified Fidenti employees, who take care of your interests personally and reliably
  • Supply of skilled, qualified employees trained in the internal motivation programme of Fidenti Personal
  • Supervision by our qualified specialists in occupational safety and development of the hazard catalogue, and even support on site on request, in order to be able to react preemptively to safety-related conditions before they occur

The Fidenti Personal client company provides specialised support for the following industries:

  • Industrial shipyards in ship and boat building
  • Synthetic material
  • Warehousing and logistics
  • Wind
  • Foodstuffs
  • Metal
  • Office and commercial
  • Miscellaneous

Permanent provision of a large pool of qualified applicants specialised in industrial occupations male/female:

  • Carpenters
  • Laminators
  • Warehouse logisticians
  • Butchers
  • Machine operators
  • Welders
  • Locksmiths
  • Office clerks
  • Aides for the production industry